Vosges Exotic Caramels


If you are looking for a gift for just about anyone, I have the gift idea for you — the Vosges Exotic Caramel Hatbox.  Not only is the box very pretty, with it’s two swing out levels and pretty tied ribbon, but it contains come of the best caramels I have ever tasted.  There are 2 each of 9 different caramels, ranging from spicy to fruity.  Here’s are my tasting notes on each:

  • Rosey — Spicy, but not hot.  Aromatic floral hint.  Caramel rounded it all out and tempered the heat.
  • Crema — Mild, nutty.  Nice crunch from cashews.  Very sweet.
  • Leather — Crunchy!  Nice touch of bitterness set off by rich, sweet caramelized sugar flavor.
  • Tart — Burst of tartness at start.  Freshness and brightness from orange.  Nice Balance.  Not at all boozy.
  • Sunshine — Floral.  Interestingly slightly sweet & sour.
  • Leaf — Bit of astringency.  Herbal.  Not too sweet.
  • Maple — Nutty, nice maple flavor.  Mild but not too sweet.
  • Verde — Not spicy.  Good crunchiness from pumpkin seeds.  Slight lingering heat on sides of tongue.
  • Blush — Sweet & salty — what’s not to love?

There wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.  Even ones that I thought I might not like were exceptionally good. (Rosey with it’s pink peppercorns and rosewater sounded like it might not be my thing — but I loved it!)  The combinations were subtle enough that the caramel was never overwhelmed, but strong enough that each caramel definitely tasted unique.  I really loved these and would happily eat them again and again.

I was sent these by Vosges for review, but you can purchase them from the Vosges website.

  • http://fab-alex.blogspot.com Alexandra

    Those sound fantastic…I may have to put them on my Christmas chocolate wish-list…lol…
    Or just buy them for myself

  • http://www.international-chocolates.com Chocolate

    This seems to be a fantastic chocolate gift. I have never seen such a wrapping before. Very creative.

  • Karen E

    I ordered these after reading your review and I must say I was somewhat disappointed. It was a lot of pretty packaging around some not-so-10-worthy caramels. Perhaps the problem is that (as much as I am a die-hard caramel lover) this category can never quite equal straight-up chocolate, even exotic varieties like some of the white chocolates you review. Your other ratings I have largely agreed with, but caramels- let’s face it – are pretty much sugar syrup inside – so they lack the deep, full sense of QUALITY that pure chocolate offers.

  • http://butterfinger-candy-bars.blogspot.com free butterfinger

    I never to fond of caramel, but this one is worth to try, thank you for the info.