Q.bel Chocolate Candy Bars


Recently Q.bel sent me a selection of their all natural chocolate bars to try and I have to say that I was quite impressed! The bars come in 6 varieties — milk, dark and milk/peanut butter Wafer rolls and milk, dark and milk/peanut butter crispy rice wafer bars.

These bars are all natural and made with ingredients that I'm not scared to eat — no hydrogenated oils or HFCS, no artificial colors or flavors and real chocolate. In addition, the calories in a package are reasonable. For instance, my favorite was the Dark Chocolate Wafer Rolls which come 2 in a package and are 120 calories.

So, how do they taste — wonderful! The chocolate is rich and tasty without being too sweet. It is smooth and contrasts nicely with the super crisp wafers. The peanut butter varieties are fresh and nutty — only slightly sweet.

If I'm going to reach for a candy bar, this is what I would want. In fact, my husband and daughter have tried them and like them too. If you'd like to try them, leave me a comment. They sent me quite a few candy bars and I'm going to send some out to 2 lucky winners.  (US addresses only please, unless you want to chip in some for shipping,)

Q.bel chocolate bars are available at Whole Foods.

  • http://knittyk8.wordpress.com Kate

    Ooh, those look good!

  • ikkinlala

    Those look great! May Canadians enter?

  • http://shrubbery.wordpress.com beth

    They look awesome! I’m throwing my hat in the chocolate ring. 🙂

  • Carolyn

    Did you say chocolate? I love chocolate!!

  • http://eudaemoniaforall.blogspot.com Lisa Kenney

    Please consider me in the running. Chocolate…mmmm.

  • Bonney

    Please include me! I’m ready for something different. Thanks so much!

  • Donna

    Mmmmmm Chocolate. I’d like to be included, please.

  • Carla

    Did you say giveaway???

  • http://neuroticnotions.wordpress.com Liz

    Ohh- I’d love to try those. And no Whole Foods around here. Poo!

  • Dee Kauffman

    I need to get to the Whole Foods in St. Paul soon. This looks yummy!

  • http://foofanagle.wordpress.com Suzanne

    YUMMY! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.jenanne.com Jenny

    Oo! me, me! I’d love to win! /crosses fingers

  • http://sawkmonkey.blogspot.com adrienne

    Ooooh, they sound delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • http://coloradocrafter.blogspot.com/ Jessica

    Please add my name too. 😀 Thank you very much, chocolate = yum yum!

  • http://www.knitterpated.blogspot.com Katy

    Who can turn up a chance at chocolate??

  • http://profile.typepad.com/greetingarts greetingarts

    Wow, very very cool! Both the fact that the company exists, and that they (and you) are generous enough to pass some on. I’d love to try those out, yet another reason to track down my nearest Whole Foods…

  • liz

    MMM, crispy! I love crispy!

  • http://knittingthemoon.com ana

    They look great, and I’m a sucker for dark chocolate!

  • http://nothingbutknit.blog-city.com Karen

    They have them at Whole Foods you say. I guess I’ll have another reason to head over that way:)

  • Netter

    Please include me, too. We’re always looking for good chocolate.

  • Adrienne

    Who doesn’t love chocolate? Can I have theirs?

  • http://gnomedepot.net Loredena

    Mmm, chocolate! 🙂 That does sound pretty good!

  • http://www.cyndilou.net/blog Cyndilou

    Oh chocolate is my downfall, and I’ve been eyeing these. Would love to win some to try! 🙂

  • http://beckyhaycox.com/hamblog/ Becky

    Oh, boy, chocolate! I happen to work with a well-known connoisseur of chocolate, so she and I would be sooo happy to win a bar!

  • http://www.knitrider.blogspot.com erika

    Please consider me! I am in a chocolate wasteland! No Trader Joes and Whole Foods is miles away!!

  • http://www.knittinhoney.blog-city.com Colleen

    How blind have I been to fail to realize you have a chocolate blog? Doh.

  • Dee

    I just love chocolate, and it’s the perfect way to chase away the winter blues…

  • Karin A

    MMMmmmmm–they look good!

  • betz

    how can I resist?

  • Jessica

    Count me in! I’m always out to taste test chocolate.

  • Audrey

    ’tis the perfect time of year for chocolate!

  • Liz

    i would love to win one of these as i couldn’t find them at my local whole foods