Coffee Crisp


I am a coffee lover — seriously.  So I was pretty sure that the Coffee Crisp wouldn’t measure up for me.  And while I didn’t think there was a lot of coffee flavor in this bar, I really liked it. 

My first thought when I bit into the bar was that it reminded me of a KitKat, only larger.  Now It’s not like the Big KitKat — which I abhor.  (Why?  It breaks apart and there’s too much waxy chocolate in relation to the inside.  Ugh!)  Instead it has a thinner layer of chocolate and very nice crispy layers of wafer and coffee creme.  Now, it is a mass market bar and as you would expect it’s quite sweet.  I have to say though that I would eat this again — it’s tasty and I like the subtle coffee flavor.

The Coffee Crisp bar is from Nestle of Canada and I’ve only seen it at one shop — a little candy store in a town about 30 minutes from where I live.  However, there have been people petitioning to get Nestle to sell the bar in the US and low and behold — it looks like they are going to do just that!  Power to the people!