Lake Champlain – Dark chocolate with Almonds


I’ve been jonesing for a good chocolate/almonds bar and when Pete told me that he came across a Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate with Almond bar, I had him pick it up for me.

As you can see, it’s a very pretty bar!  Well tempered so that it is glossy and snaps beautifully.  It’s a little bit thicker than I like (the Theo Bars were the perfect thickness), but I suppose that’s a minor complaint.

The chocolate is only 54% cocoa content, so it was quite sweet.  Anything darker probably would have completely overpowered the almonds, so I guess it was a decent choice.  And speaking of almonds — they were chopped into little bits.  Too little if you ask me — and I didn’t find them all that flavorful.  I think that if they were roasted a bit more and some salt was added this would have improved the taste.  As it was, I felt the bar was more sweet and chocolaty than anything.

As a chocolate bar, it was good — smooth Belgian chocolate without any discernable flavors.  The mouthfeel was a bit buttery — very thick and almost a bit greasy or waxy (not in a bad way though!)

All in all I would say that it was a 7 — really good, but not what I’m looking for in a chocolate/almond combo.  You can purchase the Lake Champlain bars at Whole Foods and other locations (mine was purchased at Hannah’s Bretzel in Chicago) as well as online through their website.