New Tree Chocolate Bars


New Tree is a chocolate company from Belgium that markets their bars as somewhat of a health food.  Recently I’ve tried 2 of their bars — Forgiveness and Cocoon.

Forgiveness (Harmonizing) — This is a dark chocolate bar (73%) that contains "natural lemon flavor" as well as "cactus extract" which is supposed to "reduce the intake of fats" according to the label.  I was disappointed upon opening the inner foil packet to see that the bar was covered in bloom and wasn’t glossy at all.  Upon taking a taste, I felt that the dark chocolate was somewhat brittle rather than creamy and instead of a nice bite it kind of crumbled in my mouth.  There was a subtle lemon flavor — although it tasted more spicy than citrusy. 

Cocoon (Comfort) — Here is a bar from their milk chocolate line which contains "natural cinnamon flavor" as well as "soy germ extract".  The package says that "Soy isoflavones are known to help with hormonal balance and calcium retention" and that one bar has "the recommended daily dose of isoflavones."  I have to say that I liked this bar much better than the Forgiveness bar.  The chocolate is very milky and fruity and the cinnamon flavor is a nice addition.  The bar was shiny and well tempered and while it was smoother, I did feel that it left my mouth feeling a bit dry.  I also found it odd that they used vanillin (an artificial flavor) rather than vanilla — especially when their website goes on and on about their chocolate being all natural — hmmmm.

I might try another one of their milk chocolate bars in the future — "Rejoice" looks interesting — but I think I’ll steer clear of their other dark chocolate bars.