Toblerone — Milk, Dark & White Chocolate


The Toblerone — what can I say about this bar?  I’m sure you have tried one.  The delicious combination of smooth milk chocolate, almonds and honey is rather unique and very enjoyable in my opinion.  I especially like the easy to break off pieces and the delightful chewiness of the honey bits.


So when I came upon the dark and white versions of this classic, I had to give them a try.  It turns out that while I wasn’t familiar with these two additional varieties, they have been around as long as I have!  (Well, the dark has been around longer than me, first appearing in 1969.)

I have to say that the white and dark weren’t as good as the original.  While the chocolate in both of them were smooth, mild flavored and nicely tempered, they didn’t play as well with the unique honey/almond flavor.  The white was too sweet and close in taste to the honey and the dark completely overpowered it.  I’ll stick with the traditional milk chocolate variety when I need my Toblerone fix.

Overall I would give the Toblerone brand a 7 out of 10.  I’ll definitley be eating more of the Toblerone classic in the future!

Toblerone is now owned by Kraft and is widely available.  I think I bought my most recent bar at Target.

(Photos were taken from the Toblerone and Kraft confectionery websites as I had eaten my bars a while back and had nothing to photograph!  Check out the Toblerone website for more info and history on this bar.)