Two takes on chocolate & curry


Spicy chocolate bars seem to be all the rage right now — although usually the heat comes from some kind of hot pepper.  There is a group of chocolate bar makers that is branching out and trying something a little different though — curry. 

Now I do like my chocolate dark and with a nice bitter edge, but spicy?  I’m not so sure.  I thought I’d give two of my favoritie chocolate makers a shot though.  First up — the Naga Exotic Candy Bar from Vosges.  This bar uses a dark milk chocolate base (40%) and combines it with sweet Indian curry and coconut flakes.  While the overwhelming flavor is the spices — which are nice and earthy and only pack a small amount of heat — the chocolate still does come through and it leaves you with a chocolate after taste.  I’m not sure that I would get it again, but it was definitely worth trying once.


Next up was the Phinney 3400 Coconut Curry bar.  Now I am a *huge* fan of Theo and 3400 Phinney chocolate bars and I wanted to love this one.  The texture was there — it was a beautiful bar — but it was just too spicy for my liking.  The heat and flavor of cumin (I believe) totally overpowered the chocolate.  While the aftertast is somewhat sweet, the flavor of the spices lingers.  If you love curry powder and heat — this bar is for you. 

Both of these chocolate bar makers have some other excellent products (Vosges makes the outstanding Barcelona Bar and 3400 Phinney makes a wonderful Nib Brittle bar and Bread & Chocolate bar), so I guess this just wasn’t the flavor combo for me.