Art Bar — Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts


Today we have the Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Art Bar from Ithaca Fine Chocolates.  While I’m not a big fan of milk chocolate, I did enjoy this bar.  The main reason is that it had whole hazelnuts and quite a few of them.  (There is something I just don’t like about crushed up nuts in my chocolate bar.) 

The chocolate was quite sweet, but it was smooth and creamy.  The hazelnuts were fresh and crunchy and left a pleasant nutty aftertaste.  I definitely want to try their Dark Chocolate with Coconut Flakes bar.

Another nice thing about the Art Bars — they are organic and Fair Trade certified.  In addition, they include an art reproduction on a little card in each bar (you can see the one I got in the photo) and they donate 10% of the profits from each bar to art programs  — The Community School of Music & Arts in Ithaca, NY and The international Child Art Foundation. 

There is a listing on their website showing where you can buy the bars near you.