Café-Tasse Blanc Citron


I’ve been searching for the Café-Tasse Blanc Citron for quilte a while.  I’ve tried several of the dark chocolate Café-Tasse bars and enjoyed them all — but the white chocolate was no where to be found. 

This bar is white chocolate combined with candied lemon bits.  The white chocolate is creamy and sweet without being cloying and the lemon bits are fresh, chewy and bright.  The citrusy favaor which is a bit sour and acidic works beautifully with the sweetness of the white chocolate.  This bar is bursting with lemon flavor! 

Now I love lemons, so this bar was right up my alley.  I ate two of the little rectangles and will have to struggle not to eat the rest of the bar today.  I will *definitely* be purchasing this bar again and I’m giving it my highest rating to date — a 9!

Mine was purchase from Chocosphere.