Dark Chocolate M&M’s


On that trip to CVS, I was also able to find the Dark Chocolate M&M’s that I had been looking for. I had a buy one get one free coupon in my purse for a couple weeks, but was unable to locate the silly little chocolates.

Upon opening the package, I have to say that they look exactly like regular M&M’s — all colorful and shiney. So I popped one in my mouth and gave it a try. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think the taste difference was that radical. They are a bit more chocolatey — probably due to the fact that there is a tiny bit less sugar in there — and have a slight bitter aftertaste.

It’s definitely nice to see more mass market candy bars coming out in dark chocolate versions and I would recommend these over the regular M&M’s although I’d rather eat Trader Joe’s semisweet chocolate chips straight from the bag , to tell you the truth (Try it — delicious!)