Dolfin Chocolat Noir aux Amandes Grillees


Dolfin bars come in a fancy little package — sort of like a laminated envelope that you can reseal.  Fun!  But the chocolate isn’t all fun — it’s quite sophisticated and full flavored.  The bar I have pictured there is the Chocolat Noir aux Amandes Grillees, or Dark Chocolate with Grilled Almonds.  Now I’ve been looking for a dark chocolate / almond bar for a while and this one really hit the spot!

The chocolate is quite complex with smokey, spicey flavors.  In fact, I’ve also had the Chocolat Noir Au Poivre Rose (Dark chocolate with Pink Peppercorns) and I thought all the spice in that bar was from the pepper — not so.  The chocolate definitely has some spice to it. 

I was surprised by the list of ingredients, which didn’t include salt, because there was difinitely a nice subtle carmelized flavor to the bar that registered as slightly salty with me.  It could have been the grilled almonds which were wonderfully flavorful.

This bar was definitley a winner — it reminded me of a subtler more complex version of the Vosges Barcelona Bar which I am always raving about.  It won’t knock the Vosges bar out of it’s top slot, but it’s right up there.

Dolfin has a website where you can find info on all their products.  I purchased my bar at Chocosphere.