Hershey’s Cacao Reserve


Okay, I’m shocking myself here by giving my highest rating to date to a bar from Hershey’s, of all brands!  I have to tell you that I actually picked up this bar only because it was on sale at Target and I had a $1 off coupon.  I figured at that price, even if it was terrible I had little to lose.  How foolish I was!

The bar I chose was the Extra Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs.  Now at 65% cacao, I didn’t really think of it is "Extra Dark" — think semisweet, like a high quality chocolate chip.  Upon opening the package the chocolate appeared shiny and quite pretty and it snapped beautifully.  Could this be true?  I was thinking at this point.  Only a taste would reveal the truth.

As I bit into the bar, I noticed that it was the perfect thickness (not unlike the Theo or Phinney 3400 bars that I love so much).  As I held it in my mouth for a few seconds, it started to melt beautifully — very smooth and creamy.  I took a bite then and I got the crunch from the nibs — great texture. 

The chocolate has a bit of a sour note which was quite pleasing and it finished with a bitter coffee flavor. 

I’m really excited that I enjoyed this bar so much — it’s widely available and reasonably priced for good quality chocolate.  I would definitely buy it again.