Monthly Archives: March 2007

Venchi Piedmont Mint


I’ve been on a search for the perfect dark chocolate mint bar for a while now.  Many of the fondant filled bars I’ve tried have fallen short, so I though it was time for a solid bar.  Enter, Venchi Piedmont Mint. 

First of all, this bar is gorgeous right out of the package — beautiful temper and lovely mini squares.  After popping one of those little squares in my mouth it melted quickly and was super smooth.  The chocolate flavor is very good and and somewhat buttery with some nice salty, carmelly flavor.  This is a perfect offset to the piedmont mint.

Now this is a minty mint – meaning that it is not very floral or herbal.  The floral flavor in a lot of bars I’ve tried recently has turned me off a bit — not so here.  This leaves a bright, clean — somewhat astringent flavor that lingers and is really lovely.

I couldn’t find a website for Venchi Chocolates, but they are from Italy — so maybe they don’t have an English language site.  I purchased my bar from Chocosphere.

Moonstuck Chocolate Bars


Some yummy chocolate bars for review today — Moonstruck Chocolate Co. is probably best known for their fancy truffles and "Cream Cones" but they also makes some fine chocolate bars.  I was fortunate to receive a package containing three of their bars from a fellow blogger.  These bars are very pretty, sporting 4 triangular sections — sort of fun.  Biting off the corner of each triangle is a bit like biting off the ears of a chocolate bunny.    They were shiney, well tempered and all had a nice snap to them.

Moon struck Dark Chocolate Bar — A nice sweet, mild dark chocolate.  So mild in fact, that my 6 year old, after trying some, begged me for more!  I didn’t notice any specific flavors that stood out — the taste was pure chocolate for me.

Moonstruck Dark Chocolate with Chile Variado — Very nice bar!  The first taste is chocolate — sweet and dark.  After the chocolate melts a bit, the heat comes up and makes you want to take another bite of the sweet chocolate.  This is how I like a spicey bar to be — the heat wasn’t overwhelming.

Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean Bar — This was my favorite and was finished off before the others.  The earthy, bitterness of the coffee beans mixed nicely with the sweet, mild chocolate.  This is what I like a chocolate / coffee bar to be!  Yum!

Thank you Adina for introducing me to these wonderful chocolate bars!  After doing some research, I see that they actually have a shop in Chicago and even one at my Alma Mater — U of I in Champaign, IL (of all places!)  You can also find Moonstruck at other shops throughout the country.

Vosges Bunnies — Adorable!!


Okay — I’ve gone on and on about the Vosges Barcelona Bar.  It’s one of my all time favorite chocolate bars.   But now there is a Barcelona Bunny for spring.  Can you even stand it?  I mean, how lucky would you feel if you got one of these in your Easter basket?

Café-Tasse Noir Café


I am a huge fan of Café-Tasse — I love to have their dark chocolate with my coffee —  I loved the Blanc Citron Bar — I don’t think anything I’ve ever had from them that has been a disappointment.  The Café-Tasse Noir Café bar is no exception. 


This is one of their filled bars.  As you can see the outside is a dark glossy chocolate and the inside is a light creamy brown color.  The chocolate is not at all bitter — coming in at 54% cocoa mass — and it pairs wonderfully with the dense coffee flavored filling.  The filling has a hint of crunch to it, which I’m guessing is bits of coffee bean.  The flavor here is subtle and a bit nutty — no overwhelmingly bitter coffee flavor.

I could seriously sit down and eat this entire bar right now — it’s so good!  If you want to learn more about Café-Tasse, you can check out their website.  I purchased my Café-Tasse Noir Café bar at Chocosphere.

Blanxart Chocolate Negro


Blanxart is a chocolate company out of Spain — not the place that usually comes to mind when you think of chocolate.  I have to say that what drew me to this bar was the wrapper art.  As you can see from the photo, it’s a simple brown wrapper sporting an ancient looking woodcut.  Quite nice!

My husband was able to find the Dark Chocolate (Chocolate Negro — 62%) bar — it’s not a flat bar, but rather a  thick bar — is there a name for this?  At any rate, this did give me a bit of trouble since putting one "square" of chocolate in my mouth was a bit too much.  I see they have the flat type of bar too, so I’ll have to give those a try.

The bar was well tempered, but a bit rustic — the chocolate on the back of the bar wasn’t smooth.  This didn’t bother me though as the taste was very nice and the chocolate was smooth and flavorful.  It was quite sweet and had a hint of sourness that really rounded it out.  There was no harsh bitter flavors and the bar tastes simply of chocolate.  I also love that the ingredients are very simple here — Chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, lecithin. 

Blanxart will definitely be on my shopping list in the future — a square or two are lovely with a cup of coffee and I’m eager to try some of their many other offering.  You can see more at the Blanxart website and it looks like you can purchase the  Blanxart Dark Chocolate Bar at Amazon — who knew!