Café-Tasse Noir Café


I am a huge fan of Café-Tasse — I love to have their dark chocolate with my coffee —  I loved the Blanc Citron Bar — I don’t think anything I’ve ever had from them that has been a disappointment.  The Café-Tasse Noir Café bar is no exception. 


This is one of their filled bars.  As you can see the outside is a dark glossy chocolate and the inside is a light creamy brown color.  The chocolate is not at all bitter — coming in at 54% cocoa mass — and it pairs wonderfully with the dense coffee flavored filling.  The filling has a hint of crunch to it, which I’m guessing is bits of coffee bean.  The flavor here is subtle and a bit nutty — no overwhelmingly bitter coffee flavor.

I could seriously sit down and eat this entire bar right now — it’s so good!  If you want to learn more about Café-Tasse, you can check out their website.  I purchased my Café-Tasse Noir Café bar at Chocosphere.