Moonstuck Chocolate Bars


Some yummy chocolate bars for review today — Moonstruck Chocolate Co. is probably best known for their fancy truffles and "Cream Cones" but they also makes some fine chocolate bars.  I was fortunate to receive a package containing three of their bars from a fellow blogger.  These bars are very pretty, sporting 4 triangular sections — sort of fun.  Biting off the corner of each triangle is a bit like biting off the ears of a chocolate bunny.    They were shiney, well tempered and all had a nice snap to them.

Moon struck Dark Chocolate Bar — A nice sweet, mild dark chocolate.  So mild in fact, that my 6 year old, after trying some, begged me for more!  I didn’t notice any specific flavors that stood out — the taste was pure chocolate for me.

Moonstruck Dark Chocolate with Chile Variado — Very nice bar!  The first taste is chocolate — sweet and dark.  After the chocolate melts a bit, the heat comes up and makes you want to take another bite of the sweet chocolate.  This is how I like a spicey bar to be — the heat wasn’t overwhelming.

Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean Bar — This was my favorite and was finished off before the others.  The earthy, bitterness of the coffee beans mixed nicely with the sweet, mild chocolate.  This is what I like a chocolate / coffee bar to be!  Yum!

Thank you Adina for introducing me to these wonderful chocolate bars!  After doing some research, I see that they actually have a shop in Chicago and even one at my Alma Mater — U of I in Champaign, IL (of all places!)  You can also find Moonstruck at other shops throughout the country.