Venchi Piedmont Mint


I’ve been on a search for the perfect dark chocolate mint bar for a while now.  Many of the fondant filled bars I’ve tried have fallen short, so I though it was time for a solid bar.  Enter, Venchi Piedmont Mint. 

First of all, this bar is gorgeous right out of the package — beautiful temper and lovely mini squares.  After popping one of those little squares in my mouth it melted quickly and was super smooth.  The chocolate flavor is very good and and somewhat buttery with some nice salty, carmelly flavor.  This is a perfect offset to the piedmont mint.

Now this is a minty mint – meaning that it is not very floral or herbal.  The floral flavor in a lot of bars I’ve tried recently has turned me off a bit — not so here.  This leaves a bright, clean — somewhat astringent flavor that lingers and is really lovely.

I couldn’t find a website for Venchi Chocolates, but they are from Italy — so maybe they don’t have an English language site.  I purchased my bar from Chocosphere.