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Venchi Mister O’Brown


I purchased the Venchi Mr. O’Brown bar on a whim.  It’s not a chocolate bar per se, but rather a candy bar.    The wrapper describes it as "Pure chocolate filled with milk cream and sugar coated wafers".

As you can see, my bar had a bit of bloom even though it doesn’t expire until 2008.  If the lot number is any indication, it was made in December of 2006.  Despite the bloom, the bar appeared fresh and smelled lovely — sort of a nutella aroma.  Not surprisingly, when I looked at the ingredient list hazelnuts appeared 4th.

The bar was quite soft (although it is a very warm day) — I broke off a piece and popped it in my mouth.  The chocolate is very sweet and creamy — miximg well with the "milk cream" that was of nearly the same consistancy.  The wafers gave the bar a little bit of crunch, although not enough for my liking.

The overall taste was that of a mild giandua.  Not as cloying or sweet as Nutella, but I would definitely call it a candy bar.  While I wasn’t aware that it was going to include hazelnuts (I mean, the wrapper does call it a milk cream — not a hazelnut cream) I’m glad it does.  The nutty flavor lingers along with a slight bitterness from the chocolate giving it a sophisticated flavor.

I’m really pleased with this bar — in fact it exceeded my expectations.  If you would like to try one too, they have them at Chocosphere — that’s where I purchased mine.

Dagoba Seeds Bar


This is the Dagoba Seeds bar — 68% cacao chocolate with hemp, pumpkin & sunflower seeds.  Upon opening the wrapper I notice a very strong chocolate aroma and a nice shiney bar.  The chocolate smells dark and earthy and as you break off one of the long thing pieces, you see clearly see the seeds.

Oh yum!  On taking my first bite, I taste smooth, spicey, earthy chocolate touched with a good bit of salt.  The seeds lend a nice crunch and nutty flavor.  I would have thought this bar was bitter from the smell, but it’s not at all — it’s not too sweet either.  More of a carmelized, savory taste.  (It reminds me a bit of the Bread and Chocolate bar from Theo.)

This bar is certified organic and it looks like Dagoba is trying to do the right thing (according to it’s website) as far as the growers are concerned. 

This is definitely a bar I would get again!  You can try one yourself by ordering one from Chocosphere like I did.  However, Hershey’s recently bought Dagoba, so I expect they will become widely available as Scharffen Berger has.

Café-Tasse Pistaches Simplement Enrobées


I’m venturing away from bars for a moment to talk about the Café-Tasse Pistaches Simplement Enrobées — Chocolate Covered Pistachios. What is more snackable than chocolate covered nuts, I ask you? These little bits of loveliness are shiney and covered in a smooth, sweet dark chocolate. The roasted pistachios taste fresh and very flavorful.

I love pistachios, I love Café-Tasse chocolate, so these were a winner for me. If you want to try them too, you can find them at Chocosphere which is where I purchased mine.

Amedei Cioccolato Al Latte Bianco Con Pistacchi


Stop me before I eat this bar in one sitting! I’m loving the combo of white chocolate and pistachios — but I’m getting ahead of myself. This is the Amedei Cioccolato Al Latte Bianco Con Pistacchi — a 29% cacao white chocolate bar with 10% Bronte pistachios. It’s made by Amedei, a chocolate company from Tuscany.

The white chocolate here is sweet and creamy with a distinctive vanilla flavor. It’s not overwhelming like many white chocolate, but rather subtle and bright. The flavor of the pistachios is perfectly combined with the chocolate — leaving a fresh green, nutty flavor at the finish.

Now this bar was a splurge at $11.95 for a 3.5 oz (100 gr) bar, but I have to say that it is well worth it. Everything about this bar was perfect — the shape, thickness of each square of chocolate, even the packaging. Let me explain about my thing with packaging. It usually takes me 3-5 sitting to finish a bar, so I want a nice wrapper. This was packaged in a heavyweight paper box and wrapped in a thick paperbacked foil. Perfect! (I recently had some bars from Charles Chocolate and they were wrapped in such a ridiculously thin foil that it was impossible to wrap them back up without tearing it to shreds.)

So I’m afraid I’m ruined, I now want to try some of their other pricey bars. And if you do too, you can get yours at Chocosphere like I did. (I have absolutely no affiliation with Chocosphere — they are just one of the few places I’ve found that carries all these lovely chocolate bars!)

Endangered Species Intense Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs


I’m a fan of cocoa nibs — the intense chocolate flavor and crunchiness are a perfect combination.  And nibs and nib bars can be as different from each other as night and day.  Case in point — the Endangered Species Intense Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs bar.  Now this bar tasted completely different than the Scharffen Berger bar I recently reviewed.  While that bar was quite fruity and bright, this one is smokey and dark.  The chocolate is not too sweet and it seems almost dry in the mouth with the nibs give it a lovely crunchiness. 

And I like this company — from what I’ve read it seems that they give 10% of net profits to causes that "support endangered species, habitat and humanity."  In addition, their chocolate is "ethically or fairly traded, guaranteeing the workers fair wages and humane working conditions. " Guilt-free chocolate is good!

I would have to say that this bar would get arating of 8 from me if only the chocolate was a bit smoother.  Overall I was very pleased with it and will be trying other Endangered Species bars in the future.

You can read more about Endangered Species chocolate on their website.  (I can’t remember where I purchased this bar, but they are pretty widely available.)