Dagoba Seeds Bar


This is the Dagoba Seeds bar — 68% cacao chocolate with hemp, pumpkin & sunflower seeds.  Upon opening the wrapper I notice a very strong chocolate aroma and a nice shiney bar.  The chocolate smells dark and earthy and as you break off one of the long thing pieces, you see clearly see the seeds.

Oh yum!  On taking my first bite, I taste smooth, spicey, earthy chocolate touched with a good bit of salt.  The seeds lend a nice crunch and nutty flavor.  I would have thought this bar was bitter from the smell, but it’s not at all — it’s not too sweet either.  More of a carmelized, savory taste.  (It reminds me a bit of the Bread and Chocolate bar from Theo.)

This bar is certified organic and it looks like Dagoba is trying to do the right thing (according to it’s website) as far as the growers are concerned. 

This is definitely a bar I would get again!  You can try one yourself by ordering one from Chocosphere like I did.  However, Hershey’s recently bought Dagoba, so I expect they will become widely available as Scharffen Berger has.