Venchi Mister O’Brown


I purchased the Venchi Mr. O’Brown bar on a whim.  It’s not a chocolate bar per se, but rather a candy bar.    The wrapper describes it as "Pure chocolate filled with milk cream and sugar coated wafers".

As you can see, my bar had a bit of bloom even though it doesn’t expire until 2008.  If the lot number is any indication, it was made in December of 2006.  Despite the bloom, the bar appeared fresh and smelled lovely — sort of a nutella aroma.  Not surprisingly, when I looked at the ingredient list hazelnuts appeared 4th.

The bar was quite soft (although it is a very warm day) — I broke off a piece and popped it in my mouth.  The chocolate is very sweet and creamy — miximg well with the "milk cream" that was of nearly the same consistancy.  The wafers gave the bar a little bit of crunch, although not enough for my liking.

The overall taste was that of a mild giandua.  Not as cloying or sweet as Nutella, but I would definitely call it a candy bar.  While I wasn’t aware that it was going to include hazelnuts (I mean, the wrapper does call it a milk cream — not a hazelnut cream) I’m glad it does.  The nutty flavor lingers along with a slight bitterness from the chocolate giving it a sophisticated flavor.

I’m really pleased with this bar — in fact it exceeded my expectations.  If you would like to try one too, they have them at Chocosphere — that’s where I purchased mine.