Weiss Chocolat Blanc Fraicheur aux Fruits Rouges


I just got in from pulling weeds and I wanted something light and refreshing.  I looked in my box o’ chocolate and pulled out the Weiss Chocolat Blanc Fraicheur aux Fruits Rouges bar.  This bar is white chocolate with red fruits — raspberry, cherry and strawberry to be exact.  Just the thing for a warm summer day!

Now usually I think of white chocolate as being somewhat heavy and sweet — and the ingredient list in this bar shows sugar and cocoa butter as the first and second ingredients respectively.  However the tart dried fruit really shine — toning down the sweetness of the chocolate and bursting through with their bright acidity.

The texture is somewhat chewy due to the significant amount of dried fruit in the bar, but the chocolate is very smooth and silky.  Quite nice since some white chocolates tend toward the grainy side in my experience.

If you are looking for the perfect bar to pair with that iced coffee on a warm day — I’d give this bar a try.  You can get yours at Chocosphere like I did (as usual).  And take a closer look at Weiss chocolate at their website.