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Vosges — Mo’s Bacon Bar


Chocolate & meat? Sounds like a really strange combo, but believe it or not, this is the second chocolate/bacon bar I’ve tried. The first one wasn’t bad, so I decided to take my chances on a bar from a chocolate company I already know I like — Vosges. Mo’s Bacon Bar is deep milk chocolate (41%) with applewood smoked bacon and alder wood smoked salt. The salt put me ove rthe edge — I’m a huge fan of salt in my chocolate, so I had to give this a try.

I really like Vosges deep milk base — it’s a very smooth and true chocolate which doesn’t have any overpowering flavors other than chocolate. Since their bars have all kinds of additions, this is a good thing. The chocolate in this bar is no exception — very nice quality and really smooth. The smoothness is contrasted nicely with the extremely crisp pieces of bacon. The overall flavor is smokey, sweet and salty. The bacon tastes exactly like you would expect — fresh, crunchy and salty.

I know this may sound strange, but I really am enjoying this bar and would gladly eat it again. The chocolate is just sweet enough to make it taste like a treat (I’m not a huge fan of savory chocolate — see my review of curry bars) and that salty edge is really hitting the spot.

I purchased mine at a Vosges shop, but I think you can buy them direct from their website.

Buy Vosges' famous Bacon and Chocolate bar