Phinney 3400 Coffee — Theo Chocolate


I have a great love for Theo Chocolate and have tried all of their bars — except the Phinney 3400 Coffee bar.  I don’t know how I avoided this one for so long since I love Theo Chocolate and I love coffee.

This is a dark bar (65% cacao) and include fair trade coffee beans.  The beans are very finely ground, so you don’t get any rough, sharp bits (that always makes me crazy) — but you do get a bit of texture, which I found appealing.

The chocolate is dark, rich, dry and intense — just perfect with the coffee.  The bar is well balanced too.  I don’t feel like the coffee overpowers the chocolate or vice versa. 

This bar is definitely not a disappointment — just what I would expect from Theo.  I’m very much looking forward to the cool weather so I can order some of Theo’s confections — the 12 piece collection, the nib brittle and the sipping chocolate all sound excellent — heck all their stuff sounds excellent!