Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Toffee


When I picked up the Endangered Species Milk Chocolate with Coconut & Macadamia Nuts I also picked up an Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Toffee bar. I’m not sure what I was expecting — at 70% cocoa, this would have to be somewhat intense but I figured the toffee would be very sweet — offsetting any bitterness in the chocolate. Surprisingly, the chocolate is not at all bitter, but rather fudgy. The mouthfeel is exceptionally thick and smooth. It’s quite different from what I expected. The toffee is overpowered by the intensity of the chocolate, but I like the subtle crunch. I just wish I tasted it a bit more — maybe if it was a bit more salty or nutty.

Overall I was very impressed by this bar — it is much more sophisticated than I expected it would be. Another winner from Endangered Species.