Patric Chocolate — Madagascar Sambrino Valley


Patric Chocolate focuses in micro-batch chocolate bars — going bean to bar.  And as I continue to find, the whole "bean to bar" process results in the truly unique chocolate experiences.  Patric Chocolate’s 70% Madagascar Sambrino Valley bar is no exception.  It is almost completely different from other Madagascar chocolate I have had previously. 

Out of the package, the bar showed just a bit of bloom, but was otherwise lovely and had a nice snap.  As I broke off a piece of the aromatic chocolate and placed it on my tongue, citrus flavor literally burst in my mouth.  So much so, that I puckered up a bit.  I had to flip over the packaging to see if there was anything citrus added to the bar.  No — just cocoa beans and sugar — very purist.   It was really unlike anything I have ever tasted.  The first flavor was overwhelmingly of tart grapefruit, followed by notes reminiscent of red wine.  The chocolate melted smoothly and was a touch dry in the mouth.  The lingering flavors are quite acidic with a hint of tea leaves.

If you want to try a unique chocolate bar, give Patric Chocolate a try.  I received mine as a sample, but you can purchase them at the Patric Chocolate website.