E. Guittard Ambanja Bittersweet 65% Cacao


Here is an example of how different two chocolates can be, even when made from beans from the same region.  Recently I tried Patric Chocolate’s 70% Madagascar Sambrino Valley bar which I found to be strongly citrus.  Here I am trying E. Guittard’s Ambanja Bittersweet 65% Cacao bar which is also made with beans that come from Madagascar’s Sambrino Valley, however Guittard states that the beans used in their bar are mostly Criollo (which some say are the finest cocoa beans). 

The Ambanja bar was much more delicate in it’s flavor — slightly spicy with a hint of pepper and citrusy with only a hint of lemon.  It is subtly complex with touches of dried fruit (raisin perhaps?)  The bar is sweet and melts smoothly and thickly on the tongue leaving little aftertaste.

(The bar did show some bloom, but that was really my fault since I’ve had it for a while and hadn’t gotten around to reviewing it until past its "best by" date.)

I purchased my bar through Chocosphere, but you can also purchase them through the Guittard website.