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Choxie — Three Milk Chocolate Sweet and Nutty Mini Bars


Whenever I’m at Target I always like to take a look at the chocolate selection.  They have some pseudo high end bars now and the colorful and prettily packaged Choxie at the end of the aisle always draws me in.  This week I picked up some of their mini bars — Milk Chocolate Sweet and Nutty — was what the package declared them to be.


Each bar is made up of two of these little 2 bite pieces.  They are shiny and smell lightly of chocolate and nuts.  The chocolate in each bar is reasonably smooth, somewhat thick and gummy in the mouth upon melting and quite sweet and milky.  The nut additions are chopped into very small pieces which give the bar a nice crunch, but leaves you wanting.

There were three varieties in this pack: praline pecan, almond toffee and honey cashew.  To tell you the truth, I couldn’t really find anything that distinguished one bar from another.  In fact, they all tasted very similar and had a similar texture.

I would have liked to see some of these bars done up in dark chocolate — my Target only had plain dark chocolate mini bars — and a little bit of difference amongst the bars.  Larger pieces of the nuts would also have been a welcome addition.  Overall, I would say these are nice as a "candy" bar, but a bit overpriced.

A few notes. . .

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