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IKEA Hazelnut Chocolate


Next in the IKEA lineup is Hazelnut Chocolate.  Upon opening the wrapper, I noticed a bit of bloom on the bar — most noticeable on the bottom.  This bar smells distinctly of hazelnuts, as it should.  The chocolate is thick and sweet — much like the milk chocolate bar, but here there is more of a milkiness and intense sweetness.  There are actually crushed hazelnuts in the bar, which taste quite fresh, giving the bar a nice crunch.

I liked this quite a bit better than the plain milk chocolate and although it is a bit too sweet for me, I think it works as a desert bar. 

IKEA Milk Chocolate


While at IKEA a few weeks ago I was in the food section picking up some delicious lingonberries and other Swedish goodies when I spotted huge stacks of boxes filled with chocolate bars.  At $2 each, they appeared to be a deal (like most everything at IKEA) so I picked up one of each variety.


Today I tried the milk chocolate which was packaged — as are all the bars — in a shiny plastic wrapper — minimal and economical.  At first look, the bar is good looking but not fancy — the temper is nothing spectacular, but it is milk chocolate.  The smell is overwhelmingly of peanuts.  Peanuts?  I flipped over the package and read the ingredients — no peanuts here, but there is real cocoa butter, thank goodness.

I popped a section in my mouth. . . the initial taste was of — you guessed it — peanuts.  The mouthfeel was thick and a bit grainy.  As it began to melt, I got a hit of saltiness and a touch of brightness.

All in all, this is a decent bar for the price you are paying, but nothing exciting.  Better than most cheap chocolate, but not good chocolate by a long shot.

More IKEA chocolate coming up . . .