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Vosges Organic Dominica Noir


Sometimes things that are organic fall short of the original — and I’ve had some bad experiences with organic chocolate in the past — then there are times when organic is spectacular. The Vosges Organic Dominica Noir is one of those bars that proves high end organic chocolate can also be excellent chocolate.

The Dominica Noir bar is 74% cacao — quite dark, but surprisingly sweet. In fact, it is incredibly fruity at first with banana flavors and a bit of red wine. Fruit gives may to an earthy dryness. Quite lovely.

This bar is pure chocolate — composed of only cocoa mass, sugar and cocoa butter. The beans used are Grand Cru Criollo and Trinitario. It is a joy to taste.

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Abuelita — Hispanic Chocolate Beverage


Recently I was given samples of Abuelita by Nestle which is a cinnamon flavored chocolate beverage. I was happy to see that these products use real sugar and are cholesterol free — something hard to come by these days.

As you can see, the product comes in a liquid, packets of powder and chocolate discs. My daughter loves the liquid which easily makes a cold chocolate drink or a hot chocolate. I found the cinnamon flavor to be quite prominent in the liquid. In fact, it is more of a hot cinnamon flavor — like a red hot candy — than the sweet cinnamon flavor I prefer.

The chocolate discs require a bit more work, but are totally worth it! One disc makes 4 servings, so I made this on a weekend when the whole family could enjoy it. It's really simple — you just heat it with milk on the stove until everything is hot and frothy. Since it is real chocolate, the resulting drink is quite rich and tasty. I felt like the cinnamon flavor was toned down in this version which I preferred.

You should be able to find this in your grocery — probably in the Hispanic food section. Give it a try for a nice alternative to the usual plain cocoa.

Vosges Organic Enchanted Mushroom Bar

To tell you the truth, when I saw that one of the new organic Vosges bars contained mushrooms, I wasn’t sure what to think. I like mushrooms and I love chocolate, but together? Time to give it a try. . .

The Vosges Organic Enchanted Mushroom bar is 66% cacao with Reishi mushrooms and walnuts. Upon opening the wrapper, the aroma is earthy and a touch fruity.  The bar is nicely tempered, shiny and dark. 

I bit off a piece and placed it on my tongue and the fruit flavor burst through.  The bar is slightly grainy as there are not large chunks of either the mushroom or walnuts, but rather mushroom powder and finely chopped nuts. 

The back of the box explains that the Reishi mushroom is valued in traditional Chinese medicine as it promotes longevity. In addition, they are believed to have “analgesic, anti-inflammatory antioxidant and anti-viral properties.”

This bar has a winey finish and a lingering earthiness.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and no longer have a fear of the chocolate-mushroom combo, and if it comes with added health benefits — all the better!

(Sorry, still no photos.  Moving to a new computer has me flummoxed a bit!)

Vosges Barcelona Bombalina Almonds

Okay, I could no longer resist trying the Vosges Barcelona Bombalina Almonds which I showed off the other day. I'm a huge fan of the Barcelona Bar, so these looked like they would hit the spot.

On first opening the package, I have to say that they were a little messy. Each almond is covered in chocolate and then finished with cocoa powder. This keeps things from getting too sweet — a good choice and something that differentiates them from the bar. Upon putting one on the tongue, the first sensation is earthy and dry form the cocoa power. As things warm up, the salty-sweet taste of the chocolate begins to shine through and is quickly replaced with the smokey flavor of the hickory smoked almond. The nuts are crisp and tasty,

I think that when I'm in the mood for something more on the savory side — more nutty and less chocolaty — I would reach for these. However, they won't replace the Barcelona Bar in my book.

New Vosges Chocolate


I’m a huge fan of Vosges. In fact, my all time favorite chocolate bar — the Barcelona Bar is made by them. So when I heard that they were coming out with panned chocolates — including Barcelona Almonds — as well as a new line of organic bars, I was eager to try them to say the least. Well, they arrived in the mail this week and I’m going on a chocolate binge.


I resisted the urge to start with the Barcelona Almonds and instead opted for the simplest item in the lot — a milk chocolate bar. The Vosges Organic Dominica Lait bar is made with Grand Cru beans, both Criollo and Trinitario. This is the good stuff.

Upon opening the package the smell is strong and intoxicating — a bit earthy, maybe even slightly smokey. Upon putting the first piece on the tongue, it melts quickly into a lush creaminess — ultra smooth with a silky mouthfeel. A bit sweet, almost like caramel with a touch of saltiness and a hint of smoke. It is absolutely lovely.

Wow! If I don’t stop myself I might devour this entire bar in one sitting — it’s that good. I can’t wait to try the next bar!

Oh — I almost forgot! I have a coupon for you from the lovely people at Vosges! The coupon is good for 10% off all <website purchases from Nov 1st to Nov 30th. At checkout, enter promo code 2810WB1.

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