Abuelita — Hispanic Chocolate Beverage


Recently I was given samples of Abuelita by Nestle which is a cinnamon flavored chocolate beverage. I was happy to see that these products use real sugar and are cholesterol free — something hard to come by these days.

As you can see, the product comes in a liquid, packets of powder and chocolate discs. My daughter loves the liquid which easily makes a cold chocolate drink or a hot chocolate. I found the cinnamon flavor to be quite prominent in the liquid. In fact, it is more of a hot cinnamon flavor — like a red hot candy — than the sweet cinnamon flavor I prefer.

The chocolate discs require a bit more work, but are totally worth it! One disc makes 4 servings, so I made this on a weekend when the whole family could enjoy it. It's really simple — you just heat it with milk on the stove until everything is hot and frothy. Since it is real chocolate, the resulting drink is quite rich and tasty. I felt like the cinnamon flavor was toned down in this version which I preferred.

You should be able to find this in your grocery — probably in the Hispanic food section. Give it a try for a nice alternative to the usual plain cocoa.