Vosges Barcelona Bombalina Almonds

Okay, I could no longer resist trying the Vosges Barcelona Bombalina Almonds which I showed off the other day. I'm a huge fan of the Barcelona Bar, so these looked like they would hit the spot.

On first opening the package, I have to say that they were a little messy. Each almond is covered in chocolate and then finished with cocoa powder. This keeps things from getting too sweet — a good choice and something that differentiates them from the bar. Upon putting one on the tongue, the first sensation is earthy and dry form the cocoa power. As things warm up, the salty-sweet taste of the chocolate begins to shine through and is quickly replaced with the smokey flavor of the hickory smoked almond. The nuts are crisp and tasty,

I think that when I'm in the mood for something more on the savory side — more nutty and less chocolaty — I would reach for these. However, they won't replace the Barcelona Bar in my book.