Monthly Archives: December 2008

Vosges Habana Bar


This past week our family went on its annual holiday shopping trip in downtown Chicago.  Maddie loves going to the Lego and Sanrio stores and I always have to take a peek inside Vosges (luckily all in the same shopping center!)  There is always something new and promising at the Vosges shop and the people who work there are super friendly and helpful. 

This time I picked up one of the new Habana chocolate bars.  It's one of their organic bars and is made with deep milk chocolate (45% cacao) and Ecudorian plaintain chips.  Quite a nice combination of flavor and texture.

Upon first breaking off a square you get the fragrance of tobacco and spice.  Then placing it on your tongue you are hit with a myriad of flavors — banana and fruit, salt, caramel and a lingering earthiness — it really wakes up your tongue!  After letting it melt a bit and beginning to chew, there is an amazing texture — crisp and delicately crunchy. 

Another amazing bar from Vosges!  This is at the top of my list along with the Barcelona Bar.  A must try for all you chocolate & salt fans.

Chocolatesmith Chocolates


Recently I was sent a nice selection of chocolates from The Chocolatesmith in SanteFe, New Mexico. They hand make all their chocolates in SanteFe and the quality of everything I tried was very good — fresh and flavorful. The Petite Melange (shown above) has a nice selection of sweet, dark and slightly spicy confections. I especially enjoyed the Dipped Caramel with Sea Salt and the Don Juan Pecan — a caramel, pecan chocolate.


I also tried their Winter Mint Bark, a nice mix of white chocolate, dark chocolate and peppermint. The bittersweet chocolate kept things from being too sweet here. The pretty presentation makes for a nice gift too.

I also have some wax covered chocolate they sent to me to try — More on that soon!