Emily’s Chocolates


Recently Emily's sent me some of their panned and chocolate covered confections to try. As you can see, they come in nicely designed, colorful boxes which are resealable. In addition, the chocolates are sealed in plastic pouches inside, keeping them nice and fresh. All the items I tried were fresh & quite pretty. Here is what I tasted:

Milk Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers — I thought these would be my favorite and I was excited to try them. The chocolate was smooth and creamy and the cracker was quite crisp. I felt the chocolate to cracker ratio was a bit too much as I could hardly taste the graham flavor at all. This one also could have benefited from a salt hit. All in all it was good, but too sweet for my taste.

Milk Chocolate Cocoa Dusted Pecan Halves — These were by far my favorite. Once again the chocolate was smooth, creamy and sweet, but the cocoa cut the sweetness nicely. The pecans were fresh and crunchy and not overwhelmed by the chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberry Almonds — The dark chocolate here was very sweet with sugar as the main ingredient. The cranberries were overwhelmed by the sweet, creamy chocolate, but the almonds were nice and crunchy.

Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Hazelnuts — As with the Cranberry Almonds, I felt that these were just too sweet and lacked the kick I wanted from a nice tart cherry. They were fresh and the nuts were crunchy.

All in all I liked these and while my taste definitely tends toward something less sweet and more complex, these were  of good quality and quite fresh.