Fran’s Caramels


My husband knows they way to my heart — chocolate — more specifically chocolate with caramel and salt. This year he bought me a big box of Fran's Chocolates caramels and salted caramels.

The assortment included Fran's caramels covered in both milk and dark chocolate.  Some of the milk chocolate were topped with smoked salt while some of the dark were sprinkled with gray salt. The caramel itself is rich, soft, and buttery and the chocolate is smooth and only lightly coats each caramel so that you taste more caramel than chocolate. I have to say that the gray salt caramels are fantastic, but my favorite was the smoked salt caramels — just bursting with flavor!

You can see all of Fran's goodies and purchase the them through the online shop. I also want to mention that I've had their GoldBars in the past and they are really excellent.