Martine’s Chocolates


Recently I was contacted by Martine’s Chocolates who wanted to know if I would like to try a selection of their chocolates. Since it is just before Valentine’s Day, I received a pretty Valentine’s selection of their chocolates as well as a box of their sugar-free chocolates.

First the Valentine’s Day selection. The top tray is filled with glossy well tempered heart shaped solid chocolates and the bottom level was filled with some of their signature molded pieces. They look gorgeous — well molded and glossy and they all tasted very fresh. Fillings are on the tame side and include butterscotch caramel, gianduja, chocolate ganache and more. (You can see their entire menu on their website.

The sugar-free chocolates are solid chocolate or solid mixed with chopped nuts, cacao nibs or coconut. While I’m not a fan of sugar-free foods in general, these were pretty good with no off tastes. They were perhaps a bit more bland than the sugary chocolates, but a very acceptable alternative for those with diet restrictions. Definitely a premium sugar-free.