Vosges Exotic Truffles


If you are looking for an extra special treat for your valentine, I can't think of anything much better than Vosges Chocolates. I'm a huge fan of many of their bars, and I loved their caramels, so I was excited to try their 9 piece Exotic Truffle Collection.

The truffles are packaged beautifully in a signature purple box tied with a purple satin ribbon. The inner wrapping has 2 leaves — one with the name of the truffle and one with the description of the truffle. I love this as it makes it very easy to see what you are about to bite into.

All the truffles were fresh, pretty and well protected in their individual spots. All tastes are covered here, from spicy truffles including wasabi and curry powder, to the traditional caramel & pecan creation — Wink of the Rabbit. These truffles are the perfect size to pop into your mouth whole where they burst with flavor as the shell melts. Just wonderful.

Vosges chocolates can be purchased at any of their stores, or through their online shop.