Donsuemor Madeleines


Something a little different today — madeleines! Now usually I try to keep my reviews focused on chocolate, but when I was contacted by Donsuemor, I couldn't resist trying their chocolate madeleines. First of all, my daughter is named Madeleine — and I've always wanted to try making these because of that, although not having the fancy madeleine pan has stopped me.


Donsuemor sent me both their chocolate and chocolate dipped varieties and since they arrived this morning before I had my coffee, I decided to try them right away. These little cakes — for that is what they are — are all natural, contain no preservatives and are trans-fat free. They taste rich and moist — somewhere between a brownie and a piece of cake. The dipped variety are covered not in chocolate, but rather a cocoa icing of sorts which worked well with the madeleine.

I have to say that I was very happy with these and think they make a great accompaniment to coffee. They taste very fresh, rich and definitely a bit decadent.

You can purchase Donsuemor Chocolate madeleines at Amazon or through the Donsuemor website. They are also available at specialty stores.