Seeds of Change Chocolate


Seeds of Change recently sent me their certified organic chocolate bars to try and I have to say that they were all quite good. They come in a wide variety and their packaging is wonderful. You get three smaller bars in one big package — each individually wrapped. The bars are the perfect size for a treat and this way the rest of the chocolate stays fresh and protected. I also love the little resealable folder, or pouch, that they are packaged in.


But enough about the packaging — here are my thoughts on each variety:

Organic Milk Chocolate — A nice respectable 43% cacao gives this milk chocolate a good chocolate flavor. The melt is smooth and creamy and I tasted caramel and a bit of salt here. Overall a very comforting bar.

Organic Milk Chocolate with Puffed Grains — This bar was great — a real flashback for me! I remember eating and loving Nestle Crunch bars as a kid, but having one now does nothing for me. This was like a super-improved version of that bar that I liked so much as a kid! The same smooth 43% milk chocolate is used here, but the puffed grains give it a wonderful crunch and lightness as well as a bit of a malty flavor.

Organic Dark Chocolate — A moderate dark at 61% cacao, this bar has the same smooth and creamy melt but with a fudgy flavor. There is a hint of tropical fruit — specifically banana — and smoke, but no harsh bitterness, in fact, the bar is quite sweet.

Organic Dark Chocolate with Coconut — When I first saw the Seeds of Change bars, I though this would be my favorite since I'm a coconut fan. While it is made with the same smooth and creamy chocolate, I wanted more of a toasted flavor with the coconut. I did like the bit of texture from the coconut, but overall it was a bit too sweet and lacked a little something for me.

Organic Dark Chocolate with Cherries and Vanilla — A nice combination of fruit and chocolate. The tangy cherries were a nice compliment to the dark chocolate and gave the bar a good chew.

Organic Dark Chocolate with Mango and Cashew — This bar was a complete surprise for me. I never thought of myself as a mango fan, but it totally works in this bar. The cashews give the bar a nutty taste and aroma as well as a wonderful crunch while the dried mangoes subtly enhance the tropical fruit flavors in the chocolate and give the bar a bit of a chewiness. This is a real winner and my favorite bar of the bunch!

Seeds of Change Chocolate is available at many health stores as well as Whole Foods. You can find out more at their website.