Monthly Archives: September 2009

Charbonnel et Walker Banoffee Truffles


Recently I was contacted by Charbonnel et Walker about trying their new Banoffee Truffles.  I hadn't heard of Charbonnel et Walker, but when I discovered that they had been in business since 1875 and are "endorsed by the Royal Warrant as chocolate manufacturers to Her Majesty The Queen," I figured, if they are good enough for the queen, they are good enough for me!


The chocolates arrived quickly and in lovely packaging from Saks Fifth Avenue in NY where there is a Charbonnel et Walker cafe.  Upon opening the box you are met with a wonderful, rich banana aroma.  It is clear that these are individually hand dipped as each truffle looks unique.

I had heard of banoffee pie before but never tried it — it is an English treat made with bananas and toffee and I've heard it is wonderful, but I'm guessing, quite sweet.  So I was expecting an over the top sweetness in these confections, but I am happy to say that they were quite tempered in their sweetness.  In fact, there was a rich, buttery and slightly smokey flavor that mingled with the fruitiness of the banana which seemed quite balanced to me. Both the chocolate and center are smooth and thick, lending to the rich taste.

The Banoffee truffles were delicious and I look forward to trying some of the other Charbonnel et Walker treats which include all kinds of truffles (I'm especially taken with the idea of the white chocolate and lemon truffles), orange sticks, drinking chocolate and rose and violet creams (my daughter loves violet creams).  Hopefully they will open a shop in the Chicago area soon.  And if you live in NY, it looks like they have some tasty things at the cafe.