Ferrara — Imported Belgian Milk Chocolate & Milk Chocolate Orange


Ferrara — the genius behind Lemonheads — has a new line of chocolates.  They are a nice compromise between pricey chocolate and the low end stuff that you usually see in the candy aisle.  The lists of ingredients are short and contain mostly natural ingredients (although the Milk Chocolate Orange does contain vanillin — an artificial flavoring). 


First up is the Ferrara Imported Milk Chocolate bar which is simply real milk chocolate.  The bar is quite pretty with chunky sections that are beautifully tempered — glossy and smooth.  The bite is satisfying as each section is a nice sized nugget of chocolate.  It is creamy and sweet on the tongue, and tastes milky with a hint of caramel and vanilla.  It reminds me of childhood and I could easily see eating a good portion of this bar in one sitting in a weak moment.  Perhaps a bit too sweet, but satisfying nonetheless.

Next we have the Ferrara Milk Chocolate Orange which I imagine is much like Terry's — although I've never had one of those.  Ferrara's is generously sized and well packaged.  Upon removing it from the outer carton and inner, plastic packaging, you "Burst then Enjoy" as the package says.  The result is some pretty sections of imprinted chocolate:


The smell is overwhelmingly of orange — and the ingredients list orange oil, which I'm sure accounts for the wonderful aroma.  The slices are thin and well formed with a nicely molded design.  The melt is a tad grainy and a bit sticky, while the flavor is all orange with the chocolate definitely taking a back seat. I think this is a fun, novelty item, but didn't like it nearly as well as the milk chocolate bar.

I know Ferrara also has another new chocolate bar that includes almond nougat, and I'm looking forward to sampling that bar, even more so now that I've tried and enjoyed the milk chocolate bar.