B.T. McElrath Prairie Dog Chocolate Bar


A while back I reviewed the B.T. McElrath Salty Dog Chocolate Bar and today I review it's cousin — the Prairie Dog Chocolate Bar which my husband purchased for me at an amazing sandwich/chocolate shop in Chicago — Hannah's Bretzel.

I enjoyed the Salty Dog, but found it a bit too salty — the Prairie Dog, on the other hand had a bit less salt which made it much more irresistible.  The Prairie Dog is a combination of milk chocolate, butter toffee and toasted almonds with a sprinkling of salt.

The chocolate here is smooth and sweet — a background for the crunchy toffee and almonds.  The salt brings it all together and completes the salty/sweet combination that is so delicious.

This bar was wonderful and I look forward to trying other chocolates and bars from B.T.McElrath in the future.


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