Fearless Green Tea Mint

Time for another chocolate bar review! Today I'm talking about Fearless Chocolate's 70% Green Tea Mint with Japanese matcha green tea and crisp peppermint.  

Before I talk about taste, I want to discuss ingredients. The ingredients here are simple and wholesome — organic cacao, organic matcha green tea, organic peppermint, and organic rapadura (unrefined whole cane sugar).  The bar is certified organic and direct trade.  This makes me especially happy because it is also gluten free.  


Next I want to talk a little about packaging. The box that envelopes the bar is nicely designed and easy to reseal, with wrap around flaps and an in terlockin g tab. This is very important because this isn't a bar you'll sit down and eat in one go — at least I didn't. The bar is wrapped in an attractive foil/plastic wrapper for freshness. 

The taste is clean and herbal with a freshness from the mint.  The bitterness of the chocolate is well balanced with sweetness and the whole thing puts me in mind of a breath mint (in a good way).  I would eat a single square each day after lunch, so the bar lasted a long time.  This is definitely a bar I would eat again, and one I would keep on hand for a tiny post meal treat.