Monthly Archives: December 2013

Endangered Species Chocolate Holiday Bars


Endangered Species Chocolate is a favorite around my house because, as you can see in my photo, they clearly mark their gluten free chocolate bars.  They are also widely available and resonably priced for good chocolate.

This autumn, I noticed that they had come out with some special holiday flavors and grabbed a few bars to taste.  First up is the Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Crunch.  Unlike many peppermint bars, this bar doesn't include pulverized bits of peppermint, but instead relies on cacao nibs for the crunch.  It was a delightful surprise, which kept the bar from being too sweet.  This is a great holiday bar which I highly recommend.


Next up is the Dark Chocolate with Vanilla Chai bar.  This is a 72% chocolate with natural flavors according to the ingredient list and "cardamom, clove, and pepper" according to their website.  It had a nice warming feel without the grittiness I find in many spiced chocolates.  Definitely a great bar for the cold months.