Organic Andy’s Dandy Candy — Amy’s Crunchy English Toffee with Almonds in Dark Chocolate


Today I want to talk about Organic Andy's Dandy Candy — Amy's Crunchy English Toffee with Almonds in Dark Chocolate. What a mouthfull!

Amy's has a new line of candy bars — many of which are gluten free (yea!) and this particular bar is also organic and contains no HFCS, preservatives or GMO's. The ingredient list is short and contains nothing weird, so while this is an indulgence, full of sugar and butter, I feel perfectly fine having it for a special treat.


I love that this bar is actually two smaller bars, each a nice size for a snack.  The toffee is thick, perfectly crunchy and well flavored. The salty hit is perfect here and the dark chocolate keeps things from being too sweet. I love toffee and have tried many different brands, and I have to say that this ranks right up there at the top.

I'm very much looking forward to trying the other gluten free bars from Amy's — Chewy and Crispy.