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New Chocolate Reviews Coming Soon!

Summer is the off season, when it is just too hot to ship chocolate without expensive packaging to keep it from melting.  Autumn is on its way and I expect to start up reviews again soon.  I would love to hear about your favorite chocolate bars, as I'm always looking for new, wonderful chocolate to try!

Chocolate Giveaway Winners!

The winners have been contacted — Jessica & Erika. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and left a comment!

Last chance to enter the chocolate giveaway!

I’ll be shipping out the chocolate to the two lucky winners tomorrow, so if you would like to enter, please leave a comment over here today!

A few notes. . .

More chocolate reviews coming soon, but in the meantime you can check out the interview with Amano Chocolate’s Art Pollard over at Food Interviews. There’s even a contest in conjunction with the interview.

And The Chocolate Blog welcomes it’s newest sponsor — Energy Vending & Buzz Bites chocolate.

Chocolate Blog’s first sponsor


Chocolate Blog welcomes its first sponsor — Custom Chocolate Company! They will make up custom chocolate pieces for you with your own message or logo (I’m thinking cute wedding favors here) and package each piece in its own little box. And they use real chocolate too — from Callebaut — in milk, dark and white. Visit their website to see more examples of what they can do.

Where have I been?

The stomach flu has kept me from enjoying chocolate for the last couple weeks — in fact, I’m just getting my taste back. Soon I’ll have more reviews of some cool stuff including:

  • Taza Chocolate — an all organic, stone ground chocolate.
  • Omanhene Chocolate — a chocolate not only grown, but also produced in Africa.
  • Some candy bars from Japan — Lotte Rich Matcha Chocolate and KitKat Chestnut.
  • Theo Chocolate goodies — including their confections, enrobed nib brittle and their 2 new Phinney 3400 bars.

And that’s not all I have waiting in my chocolate drawer! Stay tuned for lots of good stuff!

Welcome to the Chocolate Blog!

Hi! Welcome to the chocolate blog! I’ve become obsessed with chocolate and chocolate bars over the past year and I’ve decided to create this blog to chronicle my journey as I eat my way through drawers full of chocolate. Stay tuned — I’ll be moving all of the chocolate related posts from my personal blog ( to this space. I’ll also be reviewing tons of chocolate bars — I have a backlog to report on right now.

Thanks for stopping by — and please come back for more fun!