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Vosges Haut Chocolat Coupon for my Readers!

Do you want to try all the fabulous Vosges products I've reviewed here on the Chocolate Blog?  Well, I've got something for you!  The good people at Vosges Haut Chocolat have given me a coupon code to share with my readers.  Just enter "VosgesFriend" for 15% off any purchases from now until December 31, 2011.  Happy Holidays!

Vosges Treats


I have to say that there is nothing that I’ve tried from Vosges that I haven’t liked, so I was excited to see that they sent me a Valentine gift which included one of their awesome Flaming Heart chocolates and a cute heart shaped box of their Caramel Toffee.  The Flaming heart is awesome — shaped like a flaming heart, it comes in three flavors — Red Fire, Amalfi & Barcelona.  They sent me the Red Fire which is dark chocolate with chillies and cinnamon.  Nice and spicy — but not too hot.  Just enough heat to make things interesting.  The Amalfi looks intriguing — white chocolate, pink peppercorns and lemon zest.  I think it would make a great chocolate bar and I hope this means they have one in the works! 

The Caramel Toffee is lovely — a nice light, crisp crunch as you bite into it (no teeth breaker here).  It’s coated in a thick layer of chocolate and nuts.  Just what a toffee should be.

And if you are looking for a Valentine gift for your sweetheart, I have to mention their truffles.  I was up in Chicago over the holidays and stopped in the Vosges on Michigan Ave. to get myself a treat.  I opted for a box of truffles and I think each one was better then the last.  Some of my favorites included the Ambrosia — a bright, fresh citrus flavored truffle — and the Woolloomooloo — coconut and chocolate.

I received some of my Vosges as samples and bought the others in person at one of their shops, but you can also buy these lovelies through their website.

Vosges Bunnies — Adorable!!


Okay — I’ve gone on and on about the Vosges Barcelona Bar.  It’s one of my all time favorite chocolate bars.   But now there is a Barcelona Bunny for spring.  Can you even stand it?  I mean, how lucky would you feel if you got one of these in your Easter basket?

Chocosphere Review


Sometimes it’s difficult to find some of the chocolate bars that I want to try (or that I review here).  However, there are places online that you can get these delicious treats.  One such place is Chocoshpere

I’ve looked at their website many times, but never placed an order until last week.  I’m happy to say that my chocolate arrived *very* well packaged and no bars appear to be broken (I haven’t opened any of them yet).  They even included a little chocolate square attached to their business card.

Their selection of chocolate bars is pretty incredible — I’ve been looking for the Cafe-Tasse Blanc Citron and the Phinney 3400 Chai Tea for a while now to no avail but they had them.  And their prices are reasonable.  I will be shopping there again and I feel good recommending them.