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Make Your Own Chocolate Kit


I was sent the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit to try out and review here on the blog.  It's a fun little kit that makes a good amount of chocolate and comes with everything you need, including written instructions that include some interesting information about chocolate.

Basically you heat up some cocoa butter, add your cocoa and sugar and wait until it comes down to the correct temperature (tempering!) before adding the seed chocolate.  They even include a little stick on thermometer to attach to the bowl, so you don't even need to worry about that.


We added some goodies to the bottom of each of the provided candy cups, poured in the chocolate and thew it in the fridge for a few minutes to set up.

This was a fun project which I did with my 12 year old.  We both had fun, learned a little something and enjoyed the chocolate.  I'd recommend this to anyone with kids who are looking to explore a little food science.

Oh Nuts!


From time to time, companies send me chocolates to try out.  About a week ago I received a package from Oh Nuts! to try out.

As you can see, the candies are very pretty — shiny and colorful.  They arrived in perfect condition — the candies were packaged in resealable thick plastic bags.  None of the candies were damaged in any way.

I was sent Pecan Clusters, Rum Cordials, Apricot Brandy Cordials, Coffee Cordials and Blue and White Chocolate covered Almonds.  By far, my favorite are the pecan clusters.  The nuts are fresh & crunchy and the carmel is nice and chewy.  I can’t stop eating these!

My daughter likes the cordials and almonds — probably because they are quite sweet.  And the cordials have a nice crunch too.  These would be lovely in wedding favors or set out in a bowl on your desk since they have a nice coating and aren’t messy.  They have quite a large selection and lots of uncoated nuts as well.  Everything they sell is kosher too.  You can purchase their products through their website: